Adaptive One® Pads


NAPA Brakes® Adaptive One® brake pads offer the only friction system in the Aftermarket that adapts to individual driving style. Whether the pads are hot or cold… or the driver is aggressive or conservative… Adaptive One delivers the pedal feel drivers want.

The specially formulated inner pad maximizes the driver’s stopping power, and the specially formulated outer pad delivers the low noise and low dusting they expect from the best ceramic pad.

Why It’s an Important Part of The Perfect Brake Job®

NAPA Brakes four distinct options, offer a safe friction package that can meet all of your financial, performance and aesthetic requirements.

Adaptive One Coverage

For passenger cars from the Accord to the Taurus, and light trucks from a Highlander to a Silverado, Adaptive One disc brake pads are readily available for most cars and light trucks produced in the last 10 years.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique dual-ceramic paired formulations provide confident stopping performance and a clean wheel appearance
  • NUCAP NU-LOK(TM) shims are made of a premium metal alloy and use independent floating shim technology to further reduce noise and vibration (certain applications)
  • NUCAP NRS(R) Friction Retention System reduces noise and the risk of bond separation (certain applications)
  • In a wide range of braking temperatures, formulations provide smooth and quiet stopping, low dusting and consistent performance
  • New radially-tuned slot designs and contoured chamfers create a unique pad surface that mates perfectly with the rotor to reduce noise and increase performance
  • Installation hardware and brake lubrication packets included (when applicable)

Inside the Advanced Noise Reduction System

  1. NUCAP NU-LOK(TM) shims
  2. NUCAP NRS(R) Friction Retention System
  3. Unique dual-ceramic paired formulations
  4. New radially-tuned slot design and contoured chamfers
  5. Adaptive One pads are color-coded
  6. NRS(R) and NU-LOK(TM) are registered trademarks of NUCAP Industries

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Warranty: Noise-free guarantee


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